Make A Difference Day

I recently posted a blog about making a difference and “doing something with your dash,” and this past Saturday I was given the opportunity to make a difference and a put a few memories into the bank of my dash.


“Having or showing great concern for other people and little or no concern for yourself.”


Selflessness is an attribute found in those with a special place in their hearts for creating a better world and giving to those who have nothing to give you in return. Children are often the most necessary recipients, and while they may not have anything physical to give in return, the love they pour out from your time and your attention and the lessons they will teach you is a timeless and irreplaceable part of life.

A few weeks before this semester started, I decided at the last minute to add an extra class to my already packed schedule to simply finish my degree faster. The class was titled as an externship and at the time I was clueless as to what it was going to entail or what it was even about as the course description was extremely vague. What I didn’t know was that this class was going to open my eyes to an entire world I barely knew existed, and teach me more than I could ever learn from inside the four walls of a classroom. My teacher informed my class of a mere three students that instead of meeting weekly we would meet once a month, maybe less, and in turn would be required to volunteer at least two hours a week tutoring children at this building called The Sanctuary. I love children, but if I’m being honest my initial thought was…

 “How am I ever going to have time for this?”

I work overnights, I have class during the day, I obviously want my own free time and I need time to sleep…so where was I going to find at least two hours a week that I didn’t really have? But…I didn’t have a choice. If I wanted to get my degree faster and get a good grade in my class I was going to have to make it work.

The Sanctuary is a converted church located in a run down, poverty-stricken area, but is home to a program originally started by the alderman and within his boundaries he has created what he calls “The North Campus.” The program aims to provide not only a safe place for the children within these select number of miles, but also a place where we hope to plant the seed for a better and brighter future that allows them to chase their dreams. I have been working with these children twice a week for 2-3 hours each day since the first week of October, and in a matter of just a month these resilient little individuals have taught me things I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Most of these children come from broken homes where more often than not parents may be in jail or not even in the picture. They come from schools where teachers more times than not do not care about their education as much as they do a paycheck. Reading levels are far below where they should be, and math scores typically follow suit. Their grades as a whole are far below average, and their drive to fight for their own future is easily diminished by the lack of resources and surrounding environments they are so unfortunately a part of.

But let me be the first to tell you…these children are brilliant and they are creative and they have the biggest of hearts. They deserve to be given the chance to succeed, and despite their unfortunate circumstances they come in every day with a smile on their face just happy to be alive and be given a place where they can get help not only with homework, but also a place where people actually care about them and care about their success. These beautiful little humans thrive on the love and stability they find within the walls of The Sanctuary, and while I have only been volunteering there for the past month I see how important consistency is in their world. I see how important it is to do more than help them with their math problems by creating relationships that allow them to know that I am their for more than just tutoring.


As if tutoring two hours a week was not enough for our teacher, there was a much larger project involved. My university holds an annual “Make A Difference Day” where students sign-up to volunteer at many different locations in attempt to make a difference in our surrounding communities. Earlier this month we also inaugurated a new president and to our surprise The Sanctuary was not only going to be a funded site by the university, but the president would be taking part in Make A Difference Day at The Sanctuary. While this may not seem like a big deal to most, having the president of our university participating at our site sheds a light on what our college of public health and social justice is attempting to do at the North Campus which can open doors and create opportunities for us to hopefully do more and expand the program. That being said, this meant that we had to plan something big and something completely awesome for Make A Difference Day, and it was up to the three people and the program coordinator at The Sanctuary to make it happen. With limited resources and a short time to make it happen, my partners in crime and I set out to create an event for both the community and our kids. Since Halloween was coming up, what better way to celebrate than a Fall Harvest Festival complete with plenty of sugar and a bouncy house. So this past Saturday with no idea of how many kids and families to plan for, we worked our assess off to pull everything together and crossed our fingers. To our surprise we had at least 50 families come through to take part in pumpkin painting, a caramel apple bar, face painting, mask making, cookie decorating, and plenty of chili! However, my two favorite parts of the entire day where our mural station and our tile station. On one of the walls in the main stairwell I created a mural currently in it’s finishing stages, and that day the children got to put their hand-prints on the wall as part of the mural. IMG_2210They also had the opportunity to color a white kitchen tile that will be sealed and used to create a counter top in The Sanctuary’s kitchen that is in the process of being converted into a cafe for the kids. These two stations seemed to be the kids favorite because it meant they were going to be a part of this building for years and years to come. It gave them an opportunity to leave their mark in a place that for the time being is their safe place to run. Seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing the laughs coming from their mouths this past Saturday made my heart smile and for the rest of the day I was filled with a joy I just can’t describe.


This semester is slowly coming to an end, which means so will this class, but I plan to continue volunteering for as long as they allow because as much as I might be doing for these children…they are doing so much more for me. And if I can keep creating a positive environment for them full of love and smiles and laughs, I’ll do it because they deserve it. I have been given the opportunity to make a small difference that I can only hope will lead to brighter futures for these amazing children, and I hope that these brighter futures will lead to them striving to make the same difference in others lives that I hope I am making in theirs. Their resilience despite their circumstances continues to amaze me each and every day I spend with them, and while leaving their hand on a wall or their tile on a counter is a visible mark they are leaving, they will be leaving a mark on my heart that will be there forever.IMG_2301

Sincerely Yours… 

As The Whiskey Burns

Tears burn the back of her eyes,

and the whiskey burns inside her chest.

Her strength is fading fast as her fire slowly dies;

She tries so hard to lay his memory to rest.

Answers don’t sit at the bottom of a bottle,

but she’ll try anything to numb the pain.

Confusion and doubt, fear and regret;

She’ll down another drink just to stay sane.

Bile stings at the back of her throat,

broken pieces scattered on the floor.

Pain sitting heavy in her chest,

her mind and heart have signaled war.

Tired eyes and a weary heart to match,

her faith has disappeared and all hope is gone.

What move is next, she is unsure;

she fakes a smile as the she must go on.

One more drink to assure her strength,

but she’s not sure that she can endure…

Sincerely Yours…

Do Something


That’s such a scary word, such a terrifying thing to think about.

Every day we wake up, and with every breathe we take we are one step closer to never again filling our lungs with air. While scary, it’s such a crazy thought that one day someone can be a living, breathing human walking this earth and the next they can just be a cold, lifeless body six foot under the ground. Working in a hospital I encounter death more often than I would like. Too often I come in contact with people who have or currently are walking the thin line of being alive and ceasing to exist. In fact, you probably encounter people like this on a daily basis and you’d never know it. Death does not always come in the form of a sick patient laying in a hospital bed. Sometimes it looms over a persons life every day as they wake up wishing they hadn’t.

Death is scary. Death is inevitable and unavoidable.

And you’re probably wondering why I’m speaking about such a morbid topic, but it’s often in the moments where death crosses my mind that I remind myself of how precious life is and how each day could literally be my last. I could go to sleep and my heart could just stop for no reason other than it was tired of beating. I could get in my car and and be smashed into a guardrail or slammed into another car. I could be walking to class and be shot from across the quad. I could be sick and not even know it and just like that not ever breathe again. Anything could happen to me at any given moment and I will never expect it. The same goes for each one of you reading this, and each person that you’re close to.

I often think about the things I hear about on the news. Innocent people being killed. Innocent people killing each other. Diseases claiming lives. Sadness causing death. Death is everywhere, and it blows my mind…and it terrifies me.

What happens to me when I die? Where do I go? Heaven? Hell? Nowhere?

I think one of the scariest parts about death and dying is the huge question of “what happens next?”

The unknown is always terrifying, but that’s not why I’m talking about death and ceasing to ever exist as a part of this chaotic world ever again.

From the beginning we are given a dwindling number of days…so what are we going to do with them?

It seems as though everyone’s life goal comes down to wanting to be remembered, to do something so great that when they no longer exist, there memory will continue. But here’s my question to you…do you want to be remembered for something good or something bad? Because sometimes I feel like people so badly want to be remembered that they don’t care what they are remembered for.

Life is not eternal, it does not go on forever, and neither do we…so we want to be remembered.




World peace.

A cure for an incurable disease. 

They’re all obvious, big picture ideas. But what about the little ones? Your time makes a difference. Your love makes a difference. Your presence makes a difference. Your kind words and gentle heart make a difference. And I don’t just mean to family and to friends, there are strangers that will remember you until their forever ends for simply giving them your time, your love, and your kindness. One day I am going to stop breathing, and I will be put in a box six-foot under the earth I now walk on. In that time I want to make a big difference in all the tiny little ways I can. So often people tell themselves that they’ll never be able to make a difference because they’re only one person, but you can and chances are…you already do. It’s not always about making a big picture difference, sometimes it’s about making small picture differences. And it’s not always about being remembered forever…each person you meet will have their own “forever,” that will yes eventually come to an end, but if they remember you until their end…isn’t that enough? The people that I truly remember are not those that make hit songs or even cure diseases. I remember the people that share themselves with me in ways that irreplaceable to them.

Death is scary, and your days are numbered, and I know you want to be remembered. But do not be so caught up in fear of the number of days ahead of you slowly shrinking, and do not be so caught up in the idea of being remembered that you forget that it is possible to be remembered in a way so negative that people wish they could forget you.

I dare you to take every single day that you are so gratefully given and spend it making all the little differences you possibly can. Give your time, give your heart, give your kindness, and most importantly give yourself. You will be remembered for being selfless and being kind. You will be remembered for pouring out love into every person you come in contact with. You will be remembered for giving things that you cannot get back. You will be remembered for showing strength and courage to rise about the chaos and negativity in this world and pouring into it all the love that you can. You can make a difference, even when you think you can’t. You can be remembered for something worth remembering. Make it count for something so that when you are gone, people don’t cringe at the thought of all you’ve left behind. You are given a start date and eventually will be given an end date, and when you no longer live; there will be a tiny dash in between those dates that will symbolize the life that you have lived.

Do something with your dash.

Sincerely Yours…


I’m baaaaaccckkkkk.


Wow…I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted on here, I guess I needed to take a break and go on a blogging hiatus, but I am officially back and ready to roll.

I know I don’t have many readers, but I hope the ones I do have understand that sometimes life happens and I have to step back and reasses my priorities and cut things out when need be. I hit a point where I was feeling very emotional and very confused, and while this blog is supposed to be about my emotional and physical journey over this year there will still be times when I don’t feel like sharing certain things. That being said, this was just an update blog and a new post will be following here in the next few minutes! :)

Happy reading…

Sincerely Yours…

Endless Confusion.

It’s been awhile…ya’ll probably thought I disappeared on you eh? I will never understand why I get the urge to write when it’s the wee hours of the morning and I can’t sleep, which seems to happen quite often lately.

I try really hard to keep the things I write inspirational and uplifting, but if that’s the only side of me I ever let you see then that would defeat the purpose of my blogging journey. Even the most inspirational and brightest of people have dark and trying moments. They have hurts and they have sadness, they have things that haunt them and things that make life hard.


That word seems to define my life. There’s so much that I don’t understand and I drive myself crazy sometimes seeking answers I’ll probably never find. I guess it’s not a bad thing, to ask questions and look for the answers. But it can be when some questions don’t have immediate answers, or any answers at all.

People don’t make sense to me. This chaotic, crazy world does not make sense to me.

I think one of the greatest questions I will ever have is one a lot of people ask…

…why do bad things happen to good people?

There are so many deserving people and they always seem to be getting shit on by the world that surrounds them.

Like people who get cancer or people who die too young.

And then there’s the small things that add up to what can feel like the biggest weight on your shoulders and any minute now you’re just gonna crash and not be able to get up again.

It sucks.

Some stupid boy comes along and breaks your heart into a million and one tiny pieces. Your best friend betrays you in a way you’ll never recover from. You try so hard to finish school, with good grades at that, all while keeping two jobs you don’t even like to pay for the debt schools putting you into. Your “friends” don’t seem so much like your friends anymore. Memories of the past are holding you back while you try your hardest to set yourself free.

Stuck. You feel stuck in this rut and you’re fighting to get out, but the more you fight the deeper you feel like you’re falling.

And here’s my other question…Why do people hurt people…and why do we do it on purpose?

This world is terrible all on it’s own, so why on earth do the people we love and the people who claim to love us hurt us on purpose? And why do we find it so easy to hurt the people that mean the most to us?

Maybe it’s because we think they’ll always be there. Or because they’ll forgive us. Or because tomorrow they’ll still be there for us to say we’re sorry and tell them how much we love them.

Our time here is short. So why do we so often spend it thinking we have more time than we probably actually do?

Why do we wait until tomorrow to apologize for the mistakes we make? Why do we wait until next week or next month to tell the person that we love that we love them? Why are we so afraid to let someone in because of what someone else did?

People are time wasters. They are believers in things they don’t have. People are taker advantagers, and while yes I know that’s not a real word, it’s what people are. They take advantage of the time they are given, of the things they are given, of the people they are blessed with.

And while I too am often guilty…I do not understand it.

This world is a mess and it does not make any sense to me…

…sometimes I do not even make sense to myself.

Sincerely Yours…

To My Best Friend

About a month ago I wrote my first letter in what was meant to be a string of letters over the next year, a here is going to be my second one.

Our friends are often a very important part of our lives. They’re a second family, a support system, the people who make you laugh and laugh with you, and the people who tell you it’s gonna be okay when you cry. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you come across a friend who is more like a soul mate. They know your story, they know the good parts and the bad parts that make up the person you are, and they stand by you anyways. You argue with them, you love with them, but no matter what happens you stand by them and they stand by you. I’ve been lucky enough to find that..


To My Best Friend,

Where do I even start? I’ve tried to remember exactly how we met so long ago, but it’s just kinda like one day we were friends and the rest is history. When I look back on all we’ve been through I sometimes ask myself how we ever made it, how we ever stayed friends..and sometimes how we’ve even managed to stay alive. We’ve screamed at each other, we’ve laughed…a lot, we’ve cried…a lot, we’ve gotten drunk…a lot, we’ve talked every single day and we’ve not talked for months. We’ve been through everything together from a jail visit and a busted window to getting kicked out of a party we were invited to, top shelf tequila ;), but here we still stand as the two most dysfunctional best friends anyone could ever come across…but it works for us. To say that I’m lucky is an understatement. For almost half of my life I’ve had someone that I could come to with my problems, share my fears with, share my dreams with, grow with. I’ve found someone who not only supports my dreams, but encourages them. I’ve found someone that has stood by me at my lowest moments and celebrated me at my finest. When I tell you I’m not sure where I would be without you to this day, it’s probably one of the truest statements that will ever come out of my mouth. There are many times throughout the years that I have taken our friendship for granted, and for that I’m sorry. There have been times where I have doubted you as my friend, and again for that I’m sorry. I’ve made some mistakes over the years, as have you, but forgiveness has always played a large part in our friendship. As has honesty. It’s not every day that you find someone you can literally tell everything to. Like when they’re being a bitch or seriously pissing you off. I think that’s what’s kept us together, the simple fact that we can lay it all out, but also that despite the fact that we don’t always agree with one another we never fail to stand by each other through it all. I think my favorite part about our friendship though is the laughter we share. We laugh all the time, and I love it. Some of my favorite moments are the ones where we go complete crackhead mode and anything and everything makes us laugh until we can hardly breathe. Those are some of my greatest memories and often times the moments that keep me going when things get rough. There are so many things I want to say right now, but I honestly don’t even know where to start. I keep thinking about the night we went to see Eric in concert at Jefferson Barrack’s and then had a party at your house. The end of that night is what stands out in my head, specifically the part where we ended up in tears on your bathroom floor. We were drunk, but I just remember thinking only does a best friend sit on her bathroom floor with you while you both cry about the boys who broke our hearts and then get up and go to Denny’s…where you couldn’t even cut your own sandwich. I think that was the night I really knew that we’d always be friends. We have so many memories together. Spontaneous visits to Farmington to meet Brandon Ray. Jam sessions on the backroads. Camping trips. Ben chauffeuring us around while we slammed down shots. Tequila night. Bonfires. Parties. Calling everyone we know in our phones when we’re drunk. Countless nights spent at the park learning way more about our friends than we ever wanted to. And I can’t forgot all our creep sessions…because creeping is caring. Conversations that probably would have landed us in a padded room in a mental hospital. Matching tattoos. But I know that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and we have so many more memories I look forward to making. I look forward to college graduations and downing shots to celebrate a new job. I look forward to wedding days, and the best drunken speeches we’ll ever give…tequila shots included…or Rumplemintz and roofies if I’m lucky ;) I look forward to the day that we bring our own crazy children into this world…although I hope they’re nothing like us because if so we’re in trouble. I look forward to the laughs we have yet to share, and I look forward to continuing to share my life with my best friend. There’s going to come a day where we don’t live 30 seconds from each other anymore, and thinking of that day makes me sad, but I know that whether it’s 30 seconds or 3,000 miles that separates us nothing can ever take away what we share. As we continue to grow as people and continue on our paths in life there are several things I want you to remember. I will always support and encourage you to chase your dreams. I don’t care what time of day it is or how far or close we are, I will always be there…even if it means a long drive or a spontaneous plane ride to get to you. I will laugh with you when you are happy and I will hug you while you cry under a tree. I’ll fight with you like an enemy and I’ll love you like a sister. We’re more than just best friends…we’re family. And someday when we’re older, sitting on one of our porches while our kids run around together in the yard, we’re going to look back and remember all the crazy stuff we went through together and we’re gonna laugh about it and we’re probably gonna ask each other how we ever made it through. And my answer is going to be because we had each other, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I look forward to what our futures hold, and I look forward to continuing to share our triumphs and our darkest days. Our friendship means more to me than I will ever be able to express, and I am appreciative every day that I was one of the lucky ones to find a soul mate in a friend. We’re gonna make it, and we’ll do it together. And anyone who stands in front of us…well they are BENEATH US. There’s so much more that I could say, but I will just end this with a thank you and an I love you…and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Sincerely Yours…

What’s The Point?

I feel like I haven’t really been writing much, and I’ve started to question why I even started this blog if I’m not going to be able to produce enough content on a regular basis. But I want to write things that mean something, whether it means something to me or someone else, I just want there to be a point. 

Often times I catch myself thinking…

“What’s the point?”

What’s the point of going to school?

Of working your life away?

Of this relationship?

Some might take that as a pessimistic way of thinking, but that’s not what I mean by it. I don’t ask that question because I feel as if there is no point to life or living it. I ask because as humans we do things all the time to conform to the world, to our group of friends, to our family…but why? Last semester at school I took a philosophy class, and I absolutely hated the class, but looking back I think I like it more than I thought I did. We focused a lot on what constitutes as a life well-lived. Is a good life defined by love? By wealth? By friendship? By what morals or values you hold? There never was an actual answer. Some people define a good life by finding love while others define it by their wealth and status in the world. The science of philosophy was weird to me. It questions the fundamentals of nature and reality and our existence in general. Philosophists are always seeking answers to questions that don’t ever seem to actually have any definitive answers. The definition of philosophy itself isn’t even really definitive, and each philosophist seemed to have a different theory or idea on what defined what philosophy was. When I first started the class my initial thought was…what’s the point? What’s the point of studying something that doesn’t even have a real answer? How am I supposed to learn from that? I think that was the point though, to teach us that asking questions is how we learn and that in order to gain knowledge we should never stop asking why or what or even how, even if there isn’t a clear-cut answer. 

You as a reader are probably asking yourself right now what my point is going to be with this post about points…but ironically enough, I’m not sure I even have one. 

But I guess if I did, it would be to stress the idea of asking questions in order to learn, and that we as humans should always seek out new knowledge…specifically about ourselves. You get to know yourself by asking questions on why you do something or why you feel a certain way about something, and when you start to understand yourself the more confident you become in who you are and what you stand for which in turn allows you to start to learn to love yourself. 

And there is a point…in learning to love yourself. And maybe that’s what the point of life is, a journey of learning to love yourself and who you are. Or maybe I’m wrong. Who knows.

Sincerely Yours…

They Say I’m A Dreamer

School is upon us…or for those less fortunate it’s already started.

For a lot people college is cut and dry.

You graduate high school, you pick a major, you take a bunch of classes, and then they hand you a degree and send you off into the real world to find a job and start the next chapter of your life as a “real” adult.

Buttttt….that’s not how it is for everyone, and it’s certainly not been the road I’ve taken.

Some people don’t even go to college, and others take time off to travel the world or go off on some wild adventure in hopes to truly find themselves.

That’s not exactly the road I’ve taken either…I guess you could say I’ve gone down both. I picked a major….I took a bunch of classes…and then I hit a few road bumps and decided college wasn’t really my thing…

…so I took a year off.

I didn’t take any wild adventures or travel the world, and I didn’t really start to find myself. In fact, that seems to be when I really started to lose myself.

I was originally a nursing major…how cliche right? I struggled through even making it into a nursing program, and then I started working at a hospital as a sitter and moved on to work as a care tech on a trauma/general surgery floor and that was when I decided that nursing wasn’t really what I wanted to do with my life…my heart just wasn’t in it the way I knew it should be at this point in my life. I knew I wanted to help people; I’d always known that, and I guess I always thought nursing was the only way a girl could really do that. I’ve been on trauma for a little over a year now, and I realized what I liked most about my job was the people I encountered. I see all kinds of people on a daily basis, and they all come from different places and different backgrounds and they all have a different story to tell. And then I started to realize that I didn’t have to heal people physically in order to help them or make a difference in the world, I could help heal them mentally and emotionally…so I switched my major.

Most would think psychology, or maybe even social work, but I chose criminal justice.

So I’m gonna be a cop right? No.

Most people think criminal justice and they automatically think police officer, but one thing I’ve learned is that a criminal justice degree is one of the most versatile degrees out there and it can be paired up with nearly anything and everything to create some sort of career.

I could team it up with nursing and end up in forensic nursing, which is a possible career path to combine both of my passions. Right now the plan is to team it up with grad school for psychology to hopefully become a forensic psychologist. It seems like with each class I take I find something new that I want to do or could do, so the possibilities seem endless…and right now that’s what I need…endless possibilities.

I guess my point with this post is to remind people that not everything goes according to plan, and for a long time that was something I struggled with. I wanted to be like all the other people who graduated, picked a major, took all the classes and got a degree…all in four years. But, had I done that, I would have ended up with a career I probably didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I was going to. I’m 22, and unlike most kids my age who graduated this past May and have gotten “big kid” jobs, I’m still in school…and for once I’m okay with that. Taking a year off was the best thing I could have done for myself, and choosing the wrong major and working at a hospital were all things that led me exactly where I needed to be.

So for those of you who are out there struggling or maybe feel “behind” because you’ve changed your major 5 times already and still aren’t sure what you want to do with life…it’s okay…and you’re not the only one. And chances are, when you’re 35 and looking back, you’re still not going to know whlargeat you want to do with your life. The only important thing is that you find something you’re passionate about, find something that when you wake up every day it doesn’t feel like work, do something that makes you happy, even if that means you are an artist or a writer or a musician and barely making any money.

Life’s too short, so pick your dream…and chase it.

Sincerely Yours…

Fight For Your Fire

Hey Ya’ll. I know it’s been about a week since I’ve posted, and there may be periods of time like that in the future as well. The purpose of my blog is not to post every single day, although I would like to. My purpose is to write when I have something to say, when I have a feeling I’d like to express, or an important message I would like to share. That being said…happy reading…:)

Change. Where do I start with the topic of change..

I hate it.

It’s a necessary evil, and as much as I hate it, right now I am craving it.

If there is one thing in life that I’ve learned it’s this:

Life changes [quickly]. People change [often]. And the only thing guaranteed to never change…is that everything changes.

Throughout life you’ll change your hair, your style, your friends, schools, locations..but I’m not talking about those changes. I’m talking about big life changes that cause chaos and force you to take a step back and really evaluate your life. Changes that strike you to your core and make you change…for the better.

These changes are often triggered by a tragedy or a wake up call and sometimes by a person that holds you accountable and forces you to look inside yourself.

Over the last few years I have lost my way. One day I woke up and everything was different and nothing was the same, and I just didn’t know who I was anymore or who I wanted to be. I lost my fire, I lost my passion, I lost my drive for all of the things that once mattered so much to me. I lost my heart, and with that…I lost myself. It’s hard to sit down and look at the person you’ve become sometimes, because looking in the mirror you don’t always see the person you want to. I became a lot of what I never wanted to, but all of my mistakes have brought me right here to this moment of clarity. Life is funny, and it never makes sense, but sometimes the only way to truly find yourself…is to lose yourself.

It’s that glorious moment when you start to discover yourself all over again that your fire inside is often re-sparked. Your dreams might be the same, or maybe they’ve changed along with you, but you rediscover your passion and your determination to make them happen.

Now don’t get me wrong, while these moments are a lifesaver, you have to understand that your journey doesn’t get easier just because you’ve suddenly found yourself again. It becomes a daily battle to fight your old ways. Finding yourself doesn’t mean that the broken heart you’ve had is all of a sudden fixed. It doesn’t mean that everything is all of a sudden going to fall into place. It’s a step-by-step, day-by-day process and it’s not an easy one; but let me tell you…you can do it. A battle of head versus heart ensues when your fire changes, and you’re caught in the middle and often question what the next step is. Here’s the thing…there is no “next step.”…you dive in head first. A battle isn’t supposed to be easy. You cut out the people you need to cut out. You let go of the toxic things in your life. You fight for yourself and you fight for your dreams and you stop making excuses…

…and you just do it.

Sincerely Yours..



21 Things I Learned While I Was 21

My birthday is in 3 days, but we’re going out to celebrate tonight and I know in my first post I wrote a letter to myself for the next year but while I’m sitting here texting everyone coming out tonight I’ve been reflecting quite a bit over the last year.

My 21st year of life has been quite the roller coaster, I’ve lost and I’ve gained and above all I’ve learned….

  1. That my best friend is truly that…my best friend. We fight like enemies but love like sisters, and despite all the bullshit we’ve always got each others backs. We fall apart when we need to and we come together when we need each other, and while we don’t always agree with the other person that’s okay because we support whatever makes them happy. So through the bad times and the good, the smiles and the laughs…I thank you for what you add to my life.
  2. That music will literally get me through anything and everything. It will forever be my saving grace in the worst moments and the greatest ones. From concerts to jam sessions there is no greater thing for healing the soul than the soundtrack to your life.
  3. That alcohol and I have a love hate relationship. My drunken nights are usually a shit show that end in tears and snotty noses and arguments and stupid choices, or they can also be some of the best nights with the best memories I’ll barely remember with the people I’ll never forget. And it’s probably a good idea for someone to take my phone from me…Shots anyone?
  4. That I am capable of some really stupid shit…but my momma will always be there to help me pick up the pieces.
  5. That over time people will come and go, and if they aren’t meant to stay…you can’t make them. And sometimes the people who are meant to stay have to leave for a little bit, but they’ll always come back.
  6. That you can never take too many selfies…with your friends and random strangers. Silly faces and captured moments will never be regretted.
  7. That sometimes fighting the girl at the bar is worth it…but most times it’s not.
  8. That while driving the backroads can’t make your problems disappear; they are the best place to laugh with your friends, cry when you need a moment alone, or lose yourself for a little while.il_340x270.426182087_ilw5
  9. That no matter what anyone tells you…tequila is NEVER a good idea.
  10. That people will judge you no matter what decisions you make in your life, so regret less and do more of what makes you happy because in the end…it’s your life and your consequences.
  11. That boys in boots and Chevy trucks are God’s gift to girls like me..BRAAAAPPPP11302_Black
  12. That Tinder is in fact not a good place to meet guys…#SwipeRight
  13. That one night stands aren’t the cure to fixing a broken heart, but if you find top shelf tequila…it’s always worth it.
  14. That living on your own is the greatest thing in the entire world. No one to tell you what to do, no one one yelling at you to clean your room, you get to pee with the door open…and you get to dance around in your underwear all you want
  15. That sometimes the boy is worth it…even when he breaks your heart..
  16. That your best friend will in fact get mad at you if you puke in her bed…and her car…[oops]
  17. That life does not always go as you plan it, and sometimes you’ve just gotta learn to go with the flow or you’ll drive yourself crazy…and sometimes the surprises life throws at you are way better than what you ever could have planned.
  18. That keeping your mouth shut is almost always your best option.
  19. That girls are crazy bitches.
  20. That some of the greatest and most necessary lessons can come from the people you least expect it from; like getting a backbone and that “it’s gonna be okay.”
  21. That no matter how rough life gets, it’s necessary to take a step back and realize how lucky I truly am. Things will never be perfect, and they won’t always be easy, but I’ve got more people in my corner than I’ll probably ever realize and for that I am beyond thankful.

While I am grateful for what 21 has taught me, I’m ready to see what 22 has to offer…so cheers to the past…and tonight I will be raising my glass to a new beginning and an adventurous year!


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